Tuesday, December 20, 2011

In October I went to a conference at the Center for Art + Environment at the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno. It was worthwhile for lots of reasons: exposure to exciting, strange work being made in the field; talks by artists I've long respected; spending time with new and old friends who are far-flung across the country (and in some cases across the globe); and last, but not least--solo road trip.

I camped out during the conference's duration, then took an errant, rambling route home. On the drive, I had an idea for a new body of work...not worth explaining yet, but it has to do with sublime landscape and multiple compounded horizon lines. I rambled about it to my camera (set on video mode while I drove)--impassioned, excited snippets of thought that make much less sense now than they did in context. I don't know how those pieces will work, so don't hold me to it, but the point is, I went out of my way to look for sublime scopes/scapes, cutting through Yosemite, Death Valley, and bits of the Mojave, and skirting the Grand Canyon. This resulted in tons of photographs and a couple of nice landscape studies.

6"x12", acrylic on hardboard

6"x12", acrylic on hardboard

The other thing that's happened recently is I fully documented my travel journal from Australia (hence the video in my last post). Here are a couple of pages from that:

Having all these things together, I reorganized my website gallery to reflect a category that's becoming more and more prominent in my practice: travelogues and field studies. Check it out if you'd like to see some extra sketches from recent travels!