Saturday, April 20, 2013

That Sound Under the Floor Is the Sea opened earlier this month at the Harwood (and will continue to run through April 25th). Here's the press release summary:

During Wood’s art-centric travels above the Arctic Circle in September-November 2012, she amassed more than two hundred pages of journal entries, sketches, and studies of polar and subpolar environments. The exhibition is a unique window (or porthole, in this case) into the process of creative research: Wood’s journal will be on display alongside loose-leaf studies, photographs, works on paper, documentation of performance work in the field; the first finished works to result from the journey; and in-progress drafts for upcoming work.

Felt great to see so many things I'd been imagining come together. I was happy with the colors and wall text. We built those angled shelves from scratch, recessing one so we could display the journal (and a digital frame cycling through photographs of the pages) in the open, but not in a way that invited people to flip through it much.

One of the things I was especially excited to show were a couple of etchings that the excellent Frol Boundin encouraged me to make, and then generously printed for me:

I enjoyed attempting to curate the field notes and painting drafts in such a way that they'd get at the spirit of the places I splashed around in.