Saturday, August 28, 2010

So, as to yesterday's goings-on. Fred and I drove some work to Las Cruces, to meet up with other members of the Ghost Town Arts Collective (a non-profit cooperative set up in far North Texas, to which I've belonged since I lived there five years ago): Heidi Rushing, Katherine Taylor, and Liz Elsberg.

(Heidi Rushing, Ghost Town Administratrix, and Fred, all-around helpful guy)

Being that this is our tenth show as a group, we're pretty much familiar with the artists, the spaces in which we've had regular opportunities to show, and how to arrange / hang everything in those spaces. So arriving at the Las Cruces Museum of Art and realizing that basically dropping stuff off and signing a contract was the extent of our involvement was something of a revelation! It is both exciting and frightening to leave a show looking like this:

...and to know that when we return next Friday it will be reception-ready.

Among the pieces from Heidi, Katherine, Liz, and myself, will be work by Katy Cannon, Patti Dye, Arlene Cason and Mike Kury, Karen Cleveland, Tim Tracz and Jean Roelke, and Jess Reinhard, among several others whom I've long admired.

(Works by Patti Dye and myself)

(Jess Reinhard, Raised by Wolves and Hippies)

(Works by Liz Elsberg, Katy Cannon, and Katherine Taylor [still safely packed])


  1. CONGRATS and YAY! I need to make a big button for you at my bloggy.

  2. Huzzah! Big button status? I've dreamed of this moment! <3