Saturday, February 4, 2012

Here's the little sketchbook I carried at Ghost Ranch.

When I say little, I do mean little--especially compared to the books I've hauled around on previous trips. The pages shown below are about 3 by 5 inches.

Sketching was limited by only being able to work in short bursts. For one thing, it was cold! I know how wimpy that sounds, but seriously. For another, I was there as a volunteer, so often I was drawing on field trips while the college kids roamed around--so my time wasn't so much my own; there was none of the "ten more minutes to get this right" that I usually permit myself. When it was time to meet back at the van, it was time to meet back at the van, no cross-hatching about it.

I also did a little experimenting with water-soluble wax pastels--which, by the way, are cool. I've never been able to get effects I like with watercolor, so they didn't really do the trick for me; but they were a good alternative when color was called for but it was too cold to use water in the field; I colored with them outside, then added water to blend them later when thawing indoors.

A great month. Back at home, and working on paintings in the studio.


  1. the sketchbook looks awesome--I'm excited to see all the new paintings you make this year!

  2. Thanks! I'm excited to make and post about them. I'm planning to finish up the year's first developed piece tomorrow! Just a few hours of work left on it.

  3. Oh my. The black lines pop out of the page. I feel as though if I touched them I would feel the chalky rock. And the pastels are an interesting new medium, makes the sketches very impressionistic.