Saturday, March 31, 2012

I learned this week of a review of the New Mexico Showcase exhibition that appeared in Pasatiempo (thanks Claude and Guru!). It gives a generous nod to my piece in the show.

Click the image to read the article in all its printy awesomeness

"...Work that caught my eye in the best way included Landed, a representational painting by Cedra Wood (Albuquerque), and Untitled 6, a black-and-white gelatin silver print by Philip Augustin (Santa Fe). Wood takes her seacoast narrative straight from 19th-century genre painting and artful photography in the 1890s. Done in acrylic on panel, Landed depicts a woman and five children, dressed in centuries-old attire, gathered at the edge of the sea--or is it the Bonneville Salt Flats?--standing close together, presumably awaiting the return of her seafaring husband. The cloud-covered sky sets an ominous tone to this anxious moment, filled with anticipation. The image is reminiscent of Alfred Stieglitz's Waiting for the Return (circa 1895), an early gravure print of families waiting along the Holland coast for their loved ones to come home. But Wood's story line has a peculiar twist. Entering the picture from the right and positioned behind the family group is a windowless jumbo jet. The scene is both surreal and unsettling; this humongous plane is like a gigantic insect that has landed and is waiting--but for what?"

- Douglas Fairfield, Santa Fe New Mexican, Pasatiempo, March 9-15, 2012

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