Wednesday, September 5, 2012

So I leave the states (first for the UK, then Norway, then international territory) on Saturday morning.

But before that, I've got a chance to talk about the trip (along with co-ArcticCircle-resident Christy Georg) at SPREAD 3.0, an event in Santa Fe.

SPREAD is a "micro-granting initiative"--a sort of fund-raising dinner where several finalists (in this case, seven) give presentations about their projects, and everyone in attendance at the dinner (some 250 people who have all paid cash for a ticket in advance) gets a vote for who gets the monies to support their idea. You can check out all the finalists and their projects here.

Tickets to the dinner are on sale to non-SITE-members tomorrow--Thursday the 6th--in Albuquerque at Acequia Booksellers (4019 Fourth Street) from 5-6 pm (I'll be there to help with that effort, which I'm happy about, as it's one of my favorite places to spend time anyway), and then afterwards to Santa Fe folks from 6-7.

And the event itself is Friday night...just half a planetary revolution before I get on a plane!

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