Saturday, April 9, 2011

Maybe you have been wondering: does Cedra still make paintings?

YES, I do, albeit a little more haltingly than usual this last couple of weeks; but I'm motivated all afresh to pick up the pace. Here's the beginning of my current effort. It's something like 24" x 30".

(Again, for scale)

That top third will be woods/thicket. The bottom (currently still white) will be snow-covered, with only bluish shadows (and a single, smallish figure) adding information.

That's where it stands presently! More soon.


  1. So just straight up painting? No blocking in or digital sketch? Sweet.

  2. Very little blocking! Basically the forest and the snow are the only major color fields, so that's that. The rest will basically be texture, save the figure. I thought about posting a draft--but figured this one's quick and simple enough that I'd rather it be a surprise!