Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Egg tempera!

(photo reference on left)

There's a lot to learn as I go. I think I know how to start the next one so it won't result in the blotchiness that's visible in the sky at this point. It's proving to be a very enjoyable medium so far...all these myriad little glazes. Very meditative.


  1. Gorgeous, Cedra! And I love the little skull and crossbones reminder on the pigment :)

  2. Thanks, guys!

    Valency, i love the skull and crossbones too--that's Juan's doing. It's proven to be a pretty useful reminder. I know intellectually that cobalt is not to be messed with, but it just looks like all the rest of the powders--without the visual aid it would be hard for me to remember that it's more toxic than kool-aid mix.

  3. amazing! you nailed every detail in the photo :D this makes me want to try more traditional paints.