Sunday, July 17, 2011

There has been a lot going on here since I got back. We're moving in a couple of weeks--always sort of a big production--and there are a lot of friends to catch up with or bid farewell to as the University does its mid-summer shuffle. I'm planning to continue to do retrospective posts on the AU trip, but in the meantime I've realized I'm getting a bit behind on covering my current activities.

For example, I've been working on the "big piece," Game. (At the stage shown below, I had just completed the sky and was moving on to the distant mountains and water. More updates on this later.) It has to be finished by mid-September, when I'll be transporting the work to Austin College for my solo exhibition there.

I've been very much enjoying exploring egg tempera--I was introduced to the medium by my excellent friend Juan Wijngaard and will be using it to make a series of four 8"x10" pseudo-historically-styled portraits (more on those later, too), which will be sent to Canberra for a show at Australian National University. Those need to be mailed off no later than, again, mid-September.

And then there's my trip journal, which ought to be wrapped up by the time I drive up to Reno for the art/environment conference at the NV museum. I'll be leaving for that in....ahem....mid-September.

So everything's sort of irising in.

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