Saturday, November 27, 2010

In my satisfied exhaustion I pulled out the camera late last night and snapped this in our darkened living room: documentation of the second spread, an imagined scene from some point in the Miocene.

I'll pull it out again and look at it critically in a couple of weeks. Once I've finished all the illustrations, I'll have a clearer head to assess which improvements are necessary, and which problems resolve themselves once I've separated myself from their creation.


  1. Have you considered putting yourself in the third painting, in a classic H.G. Wells style time machine, with your painting set-up easel etc in the machine with you? It seems it would fit with your common theme of normal things out of place usually in nature.

    Of course, it adds a humor element, which would entirely change the series, and that is a choice of its own.

  2. I love that suggestion, Chris! I wish I were brave enough to add humor. At this juncture though, I've made it my goal to give the author exactly what she wants, as spiffy as I can make it. Maybe with a little more experience under my belt, I'll feel better equipped to integrate those kinds of elements.