Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This is what as known as "getting back on that horse," I think. Or is it back in the saddle? Anyway, I guess the main point is that it's equine-related. Having neglected everything but my thesis for the last couple of months, I'm shifting focus back to fulfilling my illustration contract for Evolution of the Horse.

The last push will be a big one, as it involves three spreads containing scenes from the early Eocene, the Miocene, and the Pleistocene. I've been glomming the hundreds of illustrations that Zdenek Burian created for Life Before Man, and I'm not deluding myself that I compete in his sphere--but I'm making peace with what I can do given my limited time frame and limited knowledge.

So here's my first epoch. Still wants a bit of work to harmonize everything in the landscape, maybe some more subtleties in coats/skins of the larger animals--especially some higher contrast on that big guy by the water, the Coryphodon. My biggest concern is that the proportion of the animals to one another reads roughly accurately. Sort of tough, as they're densely compressed into a single landscape.

Looking forward to getting the tape off, seeing it clean and finished.


  1. LOVE! Is it bad that I sometimes consider book illustration as much higher art than some of the things I see in contemporary galleries?

  2. Thanks, Valency! And I meant to add to our list of Awesome Illustrators during our conversation today: the delightful Quentin Blake.