Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Check out what got delivered this week:

It's the first textbook I was contracted to illustrate, finally in print!

I did some thirty-odd images to accompany the text. Some of them were metaphorical or conceptual (like the tents in the first photograph, which illustrate the idea of protocols), while others were portraits, or depictions of straightforward manufacturing processes. The tiny painting of Bell (pictured above, in the upper right-hand corner of the right page) was the authors' favorite.


  1. Of all the incredible things you have posted, this is probably a silly one about which to say this, but nevertheless - that is so cool!

    So what is Bell saying?

  2. Thanks! And thanks for commenting!

    He's saying, "Mr. Watson, come here!" (The authors inexplicably chose not to share his follow-up sentence, however, which is, "And bring me a hot pocket.")

  3. Congrats, that is very very cool!

  4. yay! i'm so glad more illustration contracts came out of it, too!