Monday, February 14, 2011

Painting update! Since I last posted I've put something like 20 hours of work in.

More divisions of the space, and some real, honest-to-goodness detail. Snow...which is new and strange stuff for me to paint, but which I'm enjoying rather. Here's a detail of that bit:

And then I did more snow detail...

Aaaaaaaaand, just for the heck of it and the surprise factor, more snow detail. Plus, a bit of rock and cliff-face work on the right side (under the third character). For the better part of the afternoon, I've been working on that cliff more, but it's too dark right now to document it in any way that's worthwhile, so I'll include it in the next update.

A quick break for the V-Day dinner Fred's cooking...then another few hours' work!


  1. Laughing--thanks, Hil! I've started doing the foreground snow and rocks today--it's interesting to see the similarities between a field of white a foot away and a field of white a mile's really just a question of condensed texture of the land vs. the relatively undisturbed slope of a close, snow-colored rock. I loves me some micro/macro.