Friday, February 4, 2011

This post won't be thrillingly visual for you, the reader--but nevertheless, I hope you can imagine my excitement to have the structural panel in hand for the Chimney Rock piece I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.

Around and about finishing the last set of illustrations for the horse book this weekend, I'll sand and gesso this panel, and start the real work on Monday.

In other news, last night I volunteered at SITE Santa Fe's members' opening, in order to get the earliest possible glimpse of the current exhibition, of which Amy Cutler's gouaches make up a third. She is one of my
of all time
In the stead of fangirl babbling (and believe me, I have plenty of it--and did in fact, write it all up here before deleting it in despair of ever describing her work adequately; looking at those pieces makes me feel the same way that listening to Ys does--does that help?), I'll say matter-of-factly that I think her work is incredible, and mention as an aside that she is giving an artist's talk at SITE on the 15th. And tell you that you should really, really, REALLY go see it.

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