Saturday, January 15, 2011

Two things.

One, I finished putting together the digital reference draft for the next piece. It'll be biggish, 15" x 46".

I'll get started on that as soon as I pick up the support from my carpenter next week.

Two, I made good on my resolution to shoot some character photos today, due to some excellent timing and luck in finding out about a regional comic book/film convention. It was a good place to shoot--for one thing, everyone (including myself) is dorked up in costumes (my favorite being a nine-year-old girl with a sonic screwdriver), so visual imagery is rich and silly and colorful (and sometimes creepy). For another, there is an expectation, not just an acceptance, that everyone will be photographed at such events, and their images bandied around afterward. So no-one gets weirded out by the camera (nor are they likely to object later if they show up in someone's artwork).


I don't know when/if characters based on these people will pop up in paintings anytime soon, but they're archived and there should I need them.

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  1. There's a connection to be made with the Sutherland sisters and the shot of the hair brushing. Perhaps...