Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Illustrations, chugging along. I've been revamping some of the earlier pieces I did some months ago, and am so doing am really pleased by the clear improvement I can see with my photoshop skills--what I was capable of then, what I am capable of now. I'm a fair bit away from establishing the perfect balance of painting and digital painting, but I'm pleased to be able to see growth.

skulls on tabletop


elliptical orbit

A very successful meeting today with both the book's author and the paleontologist she's consulting for accuracy. He was complimentary of the work, but was also able to point out some corrections that needed to be made (mostly in charts and such)--in other words, the perfect balance of useful!

The end of the project is coming up fast. I have two of the 35 left to finish, and after that, only corrections at the suggestions of reviewers and editors.

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