Friday, January 21, 2011

While walking in the park near my house yesterday, I was lucky enough to come across a sparrow skeleton--past the messy parts of decomposition but still hanging together. It was too beautiful not to draw, so I brought it home (hooking a stick gently through its ribcage so as not to handle it):

(can you see all the tiny vertebrae still intact? Incredible)

And did this tonight--a drawing, probably the first of what will be many pieces based on the bones.

I'm really amazed at the dynamism of the form--the evocative ambiguity of it, the movement and rhythm, the contrast of textures and densities. A very rewarding examination!


  1. The shape of the wing and rib cage give it such a gorgeous sculptural quality. Also, I like the mix of texture.

  2. Thanks! I'm sort of excited to do some little paintings of it, and see what color adds to the mix.