Thursday, January 6, 2011

In an article for the Alibi this past week, David Leigh made a brief list of his favorite art happenings from 2010, "a year of exhibitions, performances and people that have come to define the alternative position our city is carving out in the larger art world."

ROYBGIV and the Anasazi, photograph by John Bear

The list consisted of Patrick Nagatani's show at UNM, 516 Arts' entire year of programming, Dave Hickey's migration to Albuquerque, the Tamarind Institute's 50th Anniversary, Frederico Vigil's mural at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, J. Lynn Johnson's show at Revlis, and the ROYGBIV graffiti controversy. And then, after the phrase, "other noteworthy things": Matt Mullican's paintings at Richard Levy Gallery, and...

....MY show at the Harwood!

It's a small mention, but when included amongst such company, the context is enough.

Now to go marinate in self-congratulation for a while. I until my Textbook meeting this afternoon.


  1. You go, girl!! Talk about a force to be reckoned with... ;)

  2. Prof. Cedra! :D I discovered your blog :D Congrats on the mention of your art work in the Alibi. I took a gander at your paintings and was almost fooled they were photographs. Just goes to show what hard studying and dedication can get you to!

    Very inspiring artworks. I shall follow your blog-- Please feel free to drop by or follow mine as well. I look forward to the next update!


  3. Thanks, Mike, wonderful to hear from you! Going to check your blog out at length when I get home tonight...hope you're well!