Sunday, January 23, 2011

So, having finished up my time at UNM, I had to clear out my studio in the Annex in December. I had accumulated pretty impressive masses of stuff in there, but thanks largely to friends who agreed to house the majority of the furniture, it's been a surprisingly easy transition from roomy-campus-studio to tiny-apartment-studio.

Now, I have two small niches from which to work at home. One:

Can you see the massive old packer trunk filling the space under the drafting table? It contains all of the paintings, organized and taped up in bubble wrap. The table's oversized drawer holds all of the works on paper--Tamarind lithographs and the like.

But most of the serious work happens here:

(In this portion of the post, the part of Cedra will be played by a small dog)

It helps that the work is small--these spaces suit my needs pretty effectively for the time being.

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