Monday, March 21, 2011

An announcement I've long been waiting to make:

In an exciting development in both my personal and professional life, I'm traveling to Australia this summer! The entire month of June, to be exact. It will be my very first time abroad, which is super exciting. There are, of course, pretty daunting expenses that accompany this period of intense immersion, so I'm attempting to raise some funds via Kickstarter. I'd love it if you'd check out my proposal and consider making a donation! I've got a little video on their site that will tell you more about what I'll be doing while there, but in the meantime, here's the condensed version:

Together with accomplished Land Arts of the American West alums Blake Gibson, Joseph Mougel, and Yoshimi Hayashi, I'll join a small group of Australian artists, in a traveling collaboration facilitated by Bill Gilbert and John Reid.

We're currently scheduled to split our four weeks there between:

*Calperum Station in the Riverland Biosphere Preserve, investigating the Murray River and surrounding Mallee scrubland;
*The cities and communities of Canberra, Sydney, Kioloa, and Hay; and
*The Far South Coast of New South Wales, exploring the marine environment of the Tasman Sea and nearby eucalypt forests of the coastal strip.

It'll be an unparalleled field research opportunity for me. Local experts will introduce us to ecological and community issues surrounding each site, and the rest of my time will be devoted to documenting, drawing, painting, and writing in the field. After my return, I'll spend the next several months creating a body of paintings based on the accumulated studies.

Another way to help me fund my trip is to check out my shop on Etsy! I'll have a series of rotating sketches and studies for sale there, many of which have appeared in my posts over the past few months, and many of which will be super-cheap (like, in the $15 - $35 range).


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