Monday, March 7, 2011

More publicity (for the paintings, which is gratifying), this time in Albuquerque Arts Magazine: "Body Images: Albuquerque artists explore the human form and its relationships."  (Melody Mock, writer.)

Here's an excerpt that pertains specifically to my work, which closes the article:

Cedra Wood uses a tiny paintbrush to create her small paintings, intricate in composition and content. Not only does she tell stories through her paintings; she also paints the psychological distance between people.
 "Where there is a human figure, there is a character; and where there is a character, there is a story. To paint a person is to create a hundred narratives, since every viewer brings their own associations and assumptions and sympathies to the image," she says. "A lot of my work is about the distance between people, and the way that we relate to each another, and to the environments in which we find ourselves – what better way to do that than to literally depict people?"

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