Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I got so absorbed in painting my most recent large piece, Game, that I did an uneven job in documenting its progress. But I did get it finished! And here it is:

Game, 19"x94"

A few details:

I managed to finish it just in time for Wish You Were Here, the Austin College show I mentioned in my last post. Here are the other pieces that are in said show, for those interested parties. Two of them are repeat pieces from my last solo show, at the Harwood; the rest have been finished in the past year (and documented here on the blog, so they may look just as familiar).

Snowfall, 24"x30"

 Range, 12"x42"

 Point, 15"x42"

 Landed, 18"x24"

 Bedroll, 13"x15"

 The Glass Fields, 20"x25"

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