Thursday, October 13, 2011

I shipped work to Canberra, NSW, recently, for a couple of group shows taking place there.

One of these shows was Far Enough, at the Bega Regional Gallery; and the other, Mallee ['mæli:], mounted at the ANU School of Art's main gallery.

I made two bodies of work--the first was the series of egg tempera portraits that I've mentioned several times over the last several weeks. Here they are, all framed up together:

The other was a set of small, ambiguous pieces based on experiential physical actions I made and documented in the field. I'll show the source material for the first of these, Invasive.

Invasive, 6"x9"

Hide, 6"x9"

Stalk, 6"x9"

I was really pleased and proud that Invasive was used for some of the publicity for the show...

...but equally pleased and proud to be involved in the exhibitions, period. I wish I could be there to see them in person, but I can gather from images that the complexity of the Field Studies program was successfully represented by a wide variety of interesting, well-executed works. Thanks to everyone there who helped organize the exhibitions, and the events surrounding them!

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