Thursday, October 20, 2011

You've probably heard me mention before my affection for and attachment to the Ghost Town Arts Collective. I'm lucky enough to have a couple of pieces in their current show at the Mokah Gallery in the LIFE Cultural Center in Deep Ellum (that's in Dallas, for those of you not familiar with North Texas): You Will Know When You Are There: A Journey in Art and Modern Dance.

postcard design by Liz Elsberg

What's that, dear reader? You'd like to read excerpts from the press release? Okay!

Deep Ellum’s Muscle Memory Dance Theatre and the Ghost Town Arts Collective Collaborate on Unique Multi-Media Event
Dallas, Texas.  October 10, 2011 –
You Will Know When You Are There is an art and dance collaboration between the Ghost Town Arts Collective and Muscle Memory Dance Theatre taking place at LIFE in Deep Ellum. While taking direction and drawing inspiration from each other, these two groups have worked together to merge visual arts and dance.  The collaboration is a large scale art and dance event: part gallery show, part dance performance, part art installation.

The subject of this event is transformation and myth: processes that twist and turn, taking us somewhere … a place that is unknown until arrival.  You will know when you are there.

The event kicks off with a art exhibition in the gallery at LIFE in Deep Ellum to open on October 10th. The journey continues through the fall as the Ghost Town artists build an installation that is companion to the dance performance choreographed by Muscle Memory Dance Theatre.  Taking cues from one another, the installation will shape the movement, and the movement will shape the installation. The project will culminate in an evening length dance performance on November 4th and 5th at LIFE in Deep Ellum.
(You can click here if you'd like to see the press release in its full, unabbreviated glory.)

The static elements of the show have been in place since the beginning of the month, and look great.

 two pieces by Heidi Rushing; photo courtesy Dianne Smith

 ceramic work by Katherine Taylor; photo courtesy Dianne Smith

 sculpture by Pati Dye; photo courtesy of Dianne Smith

The interactive installation mentioned in the press release (taking place on November 4th and 5th) overlaps my visit to the Dallas area to pick up the work from WYWH, so I'll be there for the install and performance! I'm excited to participate, and see what will come of it.

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